STRONG is Beautiful

Welcome to STRONG is Beautiful

SiB is the home of functional fitness in all shapes and sizes.  We specialize in team training, group exercise & pride ourselves on the variety of workouts we offer daily.  There is no "one size fits all" in life - and there definitely isn't in fitness.  We encourage you to find what you like, what works best for you and keep changing it up!  Your fitness journey should never be boring - or repetitive.  We want to push you to be your best self - and encourage you to bring your unique energy to our SiB family!

Just a few shots of what we do in the studio


SiB has a strong focus on team training.  We pride ourselves on creating programming for teams that are sport specific and produce results on the field, court or diamond.  Our unique approach is the result of years of working with high school and college athletes, from baseball & softball to lacrosse, basketball & football.  It is our belief that muscular endurance is the foundation of all athletic success - and we get there through a variety of high repetition movements across muscle groups.  As anyone who has ever come through SiB knows "everyday is leg day"!

Deni is the brainchild behind all things SiB, and you will often see Petey in the studio with her!